Hi, I'm Emre 👋

I'm a Full-Stack Web Developer! I can help you with developing a product, website, or feature for it. Examine some of my work and what I've done! If you like what you see and require coding for a project, feel free to contact me.

Ask the chatbot about me

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About Me

I love frontend development and particularly enjoy using Next.js/React combined with Tailwind CSS to create user interfaces. I started my web development journey by obtaining an associate degree from Anadolu University in Turkey and then attending the Microverse Web Development Bootcamp. This combination of formal education and practical online training gave me a solid foundation in coding and the ability to work effectively with others remotely.

At my job, I mainly work on building web applications using TypeScript and React. I'm really interested in using AI in web development, especially with Next.js, to do new and exciting things. Before I got into technology, I was managing restaurants and bars. That job taught me a lot about leadership, communication, and quick problem-solving.

Besides being in a band called Sahtegi, where I play keyboards and synths, I also make music on my own. We put our band's music on Spotify. Music is a great way for me to relax and be creative outside of my tech work.

I'm always looking for new tech projects or opportunities where I can bring something special. Feel free to get in touch if you think we could do something cool together.